A journey to coaching

I have a true passion for people. I consider that my mission in life is to help individuals find what will make them thrive in their life. Whether it is about relationships, self-growth, expatriate life, career, health or business.


Mother of two, I moved around the world with my family, as an “expat spouse” based on my husband’s career: Belgium (where I am originally from), France, USA, Switzerland, China and Australia.


In this journey I came across thousands of expatriates who, like me, found it challenging to have to rebuild their professional, social and life environment.  I met so many individuals who were trying to find the right balance between a compelling family life and a busy career. I have been in contact with a large number of individuals struggling to find their paths in their company or to reach the expected performance and goals. And above all, a majority of people who just don’t feel deeply fulfilled in their live.


After a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Teaching degree (“Agrégation” - commercial sciences for High School and Business School level), my career path has been diversified and exciting.

I have been in charge over fifteen years of managerial roles in Sales, Marketing, Teaching and Coaching in major FMCG multinationals around the globe. With the time, I realized that something was missing and that my major fulfillment was coming from a sense of meaning and contributing. This is why I started to work in not-for-profit organizations, I committed myself to help expatriates settling down and being fulfilled in their “adoptive” country.  And I decided to accomplish my dream of becoming a coach. This led me to study professional coaching with CTI in Singapore (The Coach Training Institute) and Coach Masters Academy in New Zealand and to practice Transformative Coaching. I just love what I do!


I am a trusted coach who offers a unique diversity of experience. I apply efficient structured yet flexible “Transformative Coaching” techniques to cope with complex situations. I put a lot of emphasis on human aspects and trust in the coaching journey. At the end of the day, what matters is to help individuals draw their path in line with their values, who they really are and who they deliberately want to be.


I work with clients around the world. I coach through video communications, phone or in person, individual coaching and group workshops. I coach in English, French and Italian. Everyone deserves to unlock their full potential and live a fulfilled life.