Expatriation and life abroad is an amazing journey. But despite what some might believe, the expatriate life isn’t a comfortable situation. Between settling down the family, the professional challenges, the children adaptation, the cultural integration and the social life, expatriation is a huge challenge. And as the family cell suddenly becomes the only reference for everyone, each family member has to find their right place and balance. When the children start to leave home, finding the best way to manage “the empty nest syndrome” becomes important. And as the moment to get back home comes, the challenge of repatriation on every family member can become a high source of stress, often underestimated.


I am an expat, more specifically what is called a “trailing spouse” or “expat partner” following my husband’s career. I have been through these challenges myself and one day I realized that I had the full power to turn them into amazing opportunities. Whether you are a “expat partner”, an expatriate young adult or an executive who has been assigned to a position abroad, I want you to support you to make the most of the opportunities available to you.


I work with clients around the world. I coach through video communications, phone or in person, individual coaching and group workshops. I coach in English, French and Italian. I use a proven “Transformative Coaching” methodology tailored to each person. Everyone deserves to settle the cornerstone for a fulfilled life. 


If you want to explore the opportunities of becoming a more fulfilled and successful person or want to know more about expatriate coaching, contact me. It will be my pleasure to answer your questions in an informal way.