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Whether you are:

  • Looking for a balanced, fulfilled life in a challenging environment

  • Eager to find a job or explore a new career path

  • Willing to improve your relationships (friendships, love, family, work)

  • Gain clarity on your life and on who you truly are

  • Become the best version of yourself

  • Improve your performance (work, body, activities,..)

  • Wishing to set and achieve meaningful goals

  • Decided to finally live your dream life and you don’t know where to start



Then Personal Coaching, also called Life Coaching can provide you with rapid and lasting results. I apply efficient structured yet flexible “Transformative Coaching” methodologies to cope with complex situations.

Everyone deserves to settle the cornerstone for a fulfilled life. It is all about you. Because you are unique and you deserve the best for yourself.


I work with clients around the world. I coach through video communications, phone or in person, individual coaching and group workshops. I coach in English, French and Italian.

If you want to explore the opportunities of becoming a more fulfilled and successful person or want to know more about Personal coaching, contact me. It will be my pleasure to answer your questions in an informal way.